Localized Field Effect of the Electron, Gravitational Constant and
Short Range Forces

This is the reason this page was created.  I welcome feedback and invite discussion.  This is my personal
endeavor to understand gravity which I began developing theories at an early age.  After considering many ideas
of my own and others, I worked on eliminating that which is theory and which has a solid foundation in known
physics.  I was able to bring together the EM force, Gravitational force and strong force into one framework with
what may be considered a hidden variable theory.

I understand that there is not much motivation for new formulations for particles since the Standard Model has
gone a long way to predict mass and magnetic moments.  However in studying particle physics a bit, it became
apparent  that patterns were seen and then mathematics was applied to model the pattern rather than to
determine what is truly happening.  Isospin is clear example of this.  Although in many cases I believe that
relying on patterns is fine, it could lead to dead ends later since the expectation is that the controlling dynamic
forces and energies will follow the patterns rather than predicting through the fundamental forces.

This is my goal, to understand particles in relation to the fundamental forces.  In my posted work, I've worked out
the electron example and the hydrogen example.  Since, I've found that this model does predict the muon
mass.  Just like the Standard Model wasn't built overnight, this is very early foundation work which needs to be
built on extensively.

For the person looking through my work, one will notice that I've been able to use the unified method to also
describe what is typically considered quantum effects.  Although quantized relations occur, it should be noted
that it arises from a continuous function in which a magnetic moment is established.  In addition, I show how the
gravitation arises and how it ties into what is known as the cosmic background radiation.

This work is protected by copyright and all applicable international agreements.  (TXu001288523,  
TXu001278779)  Unauthorized reproduction and extensions of this work prohibited without permission and are
the are sole rights of the owner.  I would be interested in work and proposals which would extend and
modernizing the efforts presented.

References that I've found interesting or relevant to my work since copyright:

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Localized Gravity


Throughout life I'm constantly reminded  that taking people's word or simply trusting in others
is often misleading.  Although listening to others is key to learning, it's ultimately up to the
individual to seek the truth and struggle for clarity to the questions that one wants answered.  
This is my quest.  Welcome.  

Below is my personal work.  Recently, I've found a typo (a wrong symbol via the font tools).  I am
currently revising this in many ways to try to convey my ideas more concisely.  If you find any
typos, feel free to let me know about it.  I do invite peoples input, help, critique and potential
Localized Gravity