Marc Garard
Publications and posters:

AHA Keystone, July 2005. Direct Activation of Cardiac Myosin, A Novel Mechanism
for Improving Cardiac Function
... Anderson, David Cox, Marc Garard, James Hartman, Song-Jung Kim, Erica
Kraynack, ... Garard, James Hartman, Song-Jung Kim, Erica Kraynack, Alex Kuklov,
Ken ...

USPTO Application #: 20080242695
Title: Certain chemical entities, compositions, and methods

Abstract: Provided are certain chemical entities, and methods of use to modulate
skeletal myosin, skeletal actin, skeletal tropomyosin, skeletal troponin C, skeletal
troponin I, skeletal troponin T, and skeletal muscle, including fragments and
isoforms thereof, as well as the skeletal sarcomere, and methods of use in the
treatment of muscle weakness and/or cachexia, as part of a rehabilitation or
conditioning exercise regimen, or in the treatment of fraility, post-polio syndrome,
obesity, sarcopenia, wasting syndrome, muscle spasm, and other indications.
About me:

I'm a medicinal chemist and have been working in the field since
1998.  I enjoy riding my bicycle, skateboarding, and snowboarding  
when I find time.